Madrid's metro is based on two main train stations, Chamartin and Atocha that connect the main north-south artery, Paseo de la Castellana. Atocha is the biggest and most commonly used system, located in near vicinity to the city center. Known as RENFE, the train system in Madrid is ideal for entering and exiting the city. Subway is economical and offers varied transportation routes. Fare is the same as bus i.e. € 1. When traveling through subway, be vary of pickpockets, or purse-snatchers. Elevators at subway are rare but the stairs option is present at every station. Tickets may be bought online or via the ticket service of RENRE at:

National information and reserves: 902 24 02 02
International information: 902 24 34 02

Atocha Station: Glorieta del Emperador Carlos V (at the end of Paseo del Prado)
Chamartín Station: Agustín de Foxá s/n
Príncipe Pío (C): Paseo de la Florida, (corner Cuesta de San Vicente)
Recoletos (C): Paseo de Recoletos, (next to Plaza de Colón)
Méndez Álvaro (C): c/ Méndez Álvaro 73
Nuevos Ministerios(C): Pº de la Castellana (corner Raimundo Fernández Villaverde)