Driving tips

The traffic mesh of Madrid is a composite of intricate routes and may pose a challenge to new drivers; hence using a public transport system is advisable. The network of roads in Madrid has varied hurdles including congestions, prolonged maintenance work and parking hassles.

Here are few tips for the first time drivers:
Familiarize yourself with the map and Spanish terms before hopping into your car.
The main hub of the old Madrid is a difficult labyrinth of streets. While in this area, use the main road Gran Vi­a.
Spanish drivers tend to loose their temper easily and honk impatiently behind a slow driver. In case you are lost, it is best to stop at the side and browse through the map first.
Fast driving is another feature of Madrid streets where drivers tend to overlook the speed limits.
While overtaking look out for heavy vehicles in the shape of lorries.
Be prepared for uneven, unpaved roads that undergo constant maintenance work.
Stopping at zebra crossings is a rarely witnessed occurrence in Madrid, thus if you do so, the car behind you is likely to either hit you or shout at you for stopping unnecessarily.
Sudden applying of brakes is a common occurrence, hence maintain appropriate distance.
Driving around the city during festivities is highly discouraged as there are road blockages and hurdles due to street processions etc.