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Transportation - Getting Around in Madrid - Spain

Buses - Madrid


The bus network of Madrid is known to be one of the biggest in Spain with coverage expanding to many remote suburbs as well. Operating day and night, the bus service is also economical at €1 for all fleet lines. Tickets are available on the bus and at the stations as well. Both state-owned and...

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Car For Hire - Madrid

Car For Hire

Driving around Madrid is comparatively easier than most cities. Hiring a car is usually done for visiting remote places. Options vary from large companies to smaller concerns providing easy on the pocket fare prices.
The main car hiring companies include:
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Driving tips - Madrid

Driving tips

The traffic mesh of Madrid is a composite of intricate routes and may pose a challenge to new drivers; hence using a public transport system is advisable. The network of roads in Madrid has varied hurdles including congestions, prolonged maintenance work and parking hassles. Read More

From the airport - Madrid

From the airport

Madrid is easily accessible via  air. The main airport known as Madrid-Barajas is 15km from the city center. One can go to and fro from the airport either by subway, taxi or bus. The airport contains two subway stations and plenty of easy to catch bus stops. It can also be reached through...

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Metro - Madrid


Madrid's metro is based on two main train stations, Chamartin and Atocha that connect the main north-south artery, Paseo de la Castellana. Atocha is the biggest and most commonly used system, located in near vicinity to the city center. Known as RENFE, the train system in Madrid is ideal for...

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Taxi - Madrid


Like any other place in the world, taxis here can be hailed from anywhere and abound the city. The fare is reasonable with a set minimum starting price. Available at busy roads day and night, the official taxis are white colored with a red slanting stripe across the front doors. To avoid paying...

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