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Places To Visit in Madrid - Spain

Centro de Arte Reina Sofi­a - Madrid

Centro de Arte Reina Sofi­a

This museum unfolds the very best in historical art and modern contemporary work. The works on display usually range from the 20th century up to the 1980s. The most famous is Picasso's Guernica , with plenty more on display.  
Plaza Santa Isabel 52, Atocha...

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El Rastro Market - Madrid

El Rastro Market

This colourful Sunday flea market is a must visit for its variety of items including souvenirs and bargain priced treasures. The ambiance is full of vibrant, local charm and has a lot to offer visitors in terms of eating and shopping. The real flavor of Madrid unfolds here.   Calle Ribera...

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Galeri­a Moriarty - Madrid

Galeri­a Moriarty

Another iconic gallery with a variety of artistic work on display. Ideal for art fans in particular and general visitors alike. It provides a glimpse into today's most modern and contemporary art pieces from the local and international market.
Calle de la Libertad 22, Chueca

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Museo Arqueologico Nacional - Madrid

Museo Arqueologico Nacional

Another historical feast for the visitors that unfolds pieces from the royal collection belonging to prehistoric times, Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Mudejar Spain. As of the year 2008, the building is under reconstruction hence only highlights from the collection are being shown. Read More

Museo del Prado - Madrid

Museo del Prado

It came under transformation in 1819 from a historical museum to an art gallery that carries acclaimed work of over 7000 varieties. The most interesting collections are the 17th and 18th   century Spanish paintings featuring the likes of Velazquez, Goya and Ribera. It unfolds an artistic...

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Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza - Madrid

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza

A hot favorite among the art aficionados, this art gallery showcases the works of predominantly European art. With works of big painters and artists including Monet, Sisley, Renoir, Constable and Van Gogh on display, the gallery offers an interesting peak into the many colors of modern and...

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Parque del Buen Retiro - Madrid

Parque del Buen Retiro

This outdoor retreat is ideal for the young and old who would like to experience and marvel at the beauty of outdoor gardens. With marbled monuments, beautiful landscaped gardens and elegantly designed buildings with plenty of greenery; it has its unique flavor that is unleashed on...

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The Center - Madrid

The Center

This forms the traditional sphere of the city with plenty of attractions awaiting the visitors. It features churches, historical landmarks, museums and many more. Madrid's majestic spirit is most evident at Plaza Mayor, the town square designed in 1619 by Juan Gomez de Mora. A must visit for...

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