Madrid Today

The location of Madrid is at the geographical center of the Iberian Peninsula at the crossroads between Europe, America and Africa. The city boosts of superb air routes leading to the major cities of the world. 

The city of Madrid enjoys the privilege of being the capital city of Spain since 1562, hence attracts a huge tourist population.  The stable economic and political scenario has established the city as one of the fast progressing, major cities of the world. The cultural flavor of Madrid is equally appealing. Madrid as described today offers a unique fusion of contemporary and classic culture and tradition. The city of Madrid today depicts a lively, animated scene with traditions at the forefront. Madrid is famously known for its colorful canvas that showcases cultural dances, festivals and events. The artistic element is quite prevalent in the city and can be easily experienced by visiting any one of the many historical landmarks and museums or the musical tones offered via concerts, ballet and opera. There is no doubt that the city of Madrid today holds a wealth of art and history in abundance. 

Side by side, the city has developed into one of the most progressive cities in the world with improved metro systems and infrastructure. Over the past 5 years, the government has taken many initiatives to transform Madrid into a cosmopolitan city as it exists today.