Madrid Residents

Madrid's population is an interesting amalgam of diversified cultures. Today the population figure stands at 5-million-plus with almost 17% comprising of immigrants. The highest turnover of immigrants comes from Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Romania, Bulgaria, Bolivia and Argentina.

Foreign residents are mostly found occupied in blue-collar jobs and operating cafes, bakeries and shops. Equally growing occupations among the immigrants are plumbing and carpentry.

Madrid remains a city of outsiders with the true 'madrileno',  difficult to trace, however many outsiders have acquired the Madrid traditions and depict a colorful mix. Some of the characteristics imbibed in the people of Madrid include friendliness and good social skills. The welcoming nature is inherent almost in all corners of the city. The people are also lively with music, dance and festivals greatly practiced throughout the year. Food lovers, they are fond of good food and eating aplenty. The people of Madrid speak "castellano," called Spanish worldwide.