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General Information About Madrid - Spain

Annual temperature - Madrid

Annual temperature

11°C (51°F)
0°C (32°F)   February High:
12°C (54°F)
2°C (35°F)   March
16°C (60°F)
3°C (38°F)   April
17°C (63°F)Read More

Exchange rates - Madrid

Exchange rates

{mosimageThe currency used in Spain is Euro: {loadposition currency}   ...

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Fast Facts - Madrid

Fast Facts

Madrid region, central Spain.
Dialing code:
+34(country-Spain)   91   (area code)    Emergency numbers
Rapid emergency number: 112.
Ambulance: 061
Fire: 080
National Police: 091   Population
3,155,359 Read More

Madrid History - Madrid

Madrid History

The history of Madrid dates back to the 9th century A.D. with mostly Muslims conquering the peninsula. A location was chosen by the Arabs to settle here that has Royal Palace standing there now. The city with its abundance of natural springs was earlier nicknamed as 'Mayrit' or 'Magerit', ...

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Madrid Residents - Madrid

Madrid Residents

Madrid's population is an interesting amalgam of diversified cultures. Today the population figure stands at 5-million-plus with almost 17% comprising of immigrants. The highest turnover of immigrants comes from Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Romania, Bulgaria, Bolivia and Argentina. Read More

Madrid Today - Madrid

Madrid Today

The location of Madrid is at the geographical center of the Iberian Peninsula at the crossroads between Europe, America and Africa. The city boosts of superb air routes leading to the major cities of the world. 

The city of Madrid enjoys the privilege of...

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Public Holidays - Madrid

Public Holidays

January 1:  New Year's Day January 6:  Three King's Day March/April:  Easter - Maundy Thursday and Good Friday 
May 1:  Labour Day
May 2:  Fiesta de la Comunidad de Madrid
May 15:  Fiesta of patron saint of Madrid
August 15:...

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Visa Information - Madrid

Visa Information

General Information:
Visiting Madrid does not entail a cumbersome procedure. The only requirement is possession of a valid passport for acquiring a visa. Entrance to Madrid is divided into following:

Citizens of EU, Switzerland, Iceland or...

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