With over 11,000 yellow and black registered cabs in the city, you are never too far from a cab, and can find one on the street at pretty much any time and you can also book one in advance. The basic cab fare is €2.00 and should be displayed on the meter before starting. Each kilometer traveled is of €0.85 and an extra €0.85 is charged for each piece of large luggage. Drivers expect a tip, somewhere around 5 to 10% of the meter fare.


There are two reliable services operating in the city, the Radio Taxi, and the Servitaxi.


•    Radio Taxi
Telephone:    (93) 303 3033


•    Servitaxi
Telephone:    (93) 330 0300


There are quite a few limousine companies with multi-lingual drivers in Barcelona and can be quite good except that they do charge a lot!

Below are two of the more reliable companies:


•    Barcelona Limousine Service
Telephone:    (93) 247 0699
Fax:    (93) 265 1484
Charges:    €300 for eight hours


•    Limousine Rental
Telephone:    (93) 237 2000
Fax:    (93) 237 2000
Charges:    €45 for airport transfers
€228 to €540 for a full day