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Restaurants in Barcelona - Spain

Agut d'Avignon - Barcelona

Agut d'Avignon

 One of the best restaurants in the city, it's been around for over 40 years and boasts patrons such as politicians, writers, industrialists, artists and even the king and some visiting dignitaries. Overall, a great restaurant.

Cuisine: Spanish
Carrer de la Trinitat...

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Alkimia - Barcelona


 A very good restaurant boasting new Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine under Ferran Adria . Its dacor is minimalist and ensures that you keep your attention towards the food, and is quite easily, one of the best restaurants in the city.

Cuisine: Mediterranean and New CatalanRead More

Arc Cafe - Barcelona

Arc Cafe

Arc Cafe is a great little cafe in the Gothic Quarter which is the best place to have some gastronomic selections with a strong Mediterranean influence. The atmosphere is tranquil and relaxed and it is an ideal place, especially for younger visitors.
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Caribbean and...

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Botafumeiro Moncho - Barcelona

Botafumeiro Moncho

 Considered to be the best seafood restaurant in town, this is one of the best places for shellfish and fish dishes.  The superb meat dishes are also worth a mention. The atmosphere is also superb and it's a great place to dine in.Great for a romantic meal or for a group celebration.Read More

Ca l'Isidre  - Barcelona

Ca l'Isidre

Ca l'Isidre is a traditional restaurant that serves a wide variety of dishes and Spanish wines. The restaurant is excellently decorated with lithographs and paintings by well-known Catalan artists and highlights Catalan culture very well.
Cuisine: Traditional Catalan
Carrer Les Flors...

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Cantina Machito - Barcelona

Cantina Machito

 One of the best Mexican restaurants in the city, it is very, very hard to find an empty table as it is always crowded. They have an excellent array of Mexican fast food as well as lots of other goodies. The atmosphere is also fun.

Cuisine: Mexican Fast Food

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El Race d'en Balta   - Barcelona

El Race d'en Balta

A very lively restaurant with a great menu, it looks like an old guest house and modern art gallery rolled into one. The menu changes every season and is great for a younger clientele.
Cuisine: Modern Catalan
Carrer Aribau 125
Telephone: (93) 453 1044

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Fil Manila  - Barcelona

Fil Manila

 The only Filipino restaurant in the city, it's a simple looking restaurant that serves excellent food and offers excellent value. They have a huge menu and it is a superb place for some quick meals.

Cuisine: Filipino
Carrer Ramelleres 3
Telephone: (93) 318 6487...

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