Bus Tours

 There are two companies offering identical tour services in the city. Julià Tours sets off from Ronda Universitat 5, and Pullmantur, starts off from Gran Viá de les Corts Catalanes 645. The morning tours cover the Gothic Quarter and Montjuïc, and the afternoon tours covers some key architectural heritage sites as well as the Picasso Museum. Half-day tours typically set you back by €32.

The Barcelona Bus Turístic is operated by TMB and it lets visitors change designated tourist buses, at the sites of their choice. They run two routes at 30 minute intervals and the first buses for each route leave Plaça de Catalunya daily at 9AM. One day tickets typically cost about €17 and are of €21 for two days.

Julià Tours
Telephone: (93) 317 6454

Telephone: (93) 318 0241
Telephone: (93) 285 3832
Website: http://www.tmb.net/