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Hotel Palace (Ritz)

Image Dripping with opulence, style and elegance, the Ritz has maintained the aura of glamour that surrounds it .Every guest who walks through the doors of this hotel is treated like a VIP. Stunning halls and foyers with dazzling chandeliers, rich fabrics and an ambience that screams luxury, the Hotel Palace is the place where all the celebrities flock. From Sophia Loren, Ava Gadner and Woody Allen to Mikhael Gorbachev and Queen Rania of Jordan, the Ritz has hosted the rich and the famous and continues to do so. The handsomely decorated rooms and the lavish marble bathrooms modeled on ancient Roman spas, make this hotel fit for a king. Guests can enjoy pre-prandial drinks in the Scotch Bar, a bar in the purest English style. For dinner there is a choice of restaurants to pamper your gastronomical desires, Diana;s Garden, the Caelis Restaurant and Dawn Petite Brasserie.

For the business clientele, conference rooms with cutting-edge facilities ensure that your venture is a success.

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 668
Tel: (93) 318 5200.
Website: www.ritz-barcelona.com


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