Hotel Bayns Orientals

 The Bayns Orientals is a modern hotel in elegant style set in a 19th century mansion. The spacious rooms of this hotel have been renovated and the original adornments have given way to a sleek sophisticated turn out that would probably be more suited to a place four times as expensive. The edifice of the hotel is shared with Senyor Parellada, a classic Barcelonese restaurant that now acts partly as the hotels own. The hotel does not boast a pool, gym or minibar yet enjoys a reputation that ensures its continued success and growth. It is situated in a pedestrian street in El Born, a lively neighborhood brimming with bars, restaurants, shops and clubs. Step out of the front door and you'll find yourself within easy reach of most of Barcelona's sights. This hotel tends to get a little noisy during the summers with all the merry making that goes on in the streets and those young enough to endure will definitely get pulled into the scene to partake in all the festivities and explore all the shops and other attractions as well. If you are low on audio-tolerance it is advised that you book a room at the back of the hotel. If you want a bathtub you should mention at the time of booking itself otherwise most of the showers are conveniently spacious and walk-in. The hotel also has a restaurant and free minibar for refreshments. Limited room service and laundry service is provided. Non-smoking rooms are available on request.

Address: Argenteria 37, La Ribera, Ciutat Vella
Tel: 93-268-84-60

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