Fast Facts

Catalunya (Catalonia), Northeast Spain

Dialing code
Country: 34
City: 93

Emergency numbers
General emergencies
Telephone: 112
Medical emergencies
Telephone: 061
Fire service
Telephone: 080
Guardia Urbana (local police)
Telephone: 092
Mossos d'Esquadra - Emergencies and traffic accidents
Telephone: 088
Policia Nacional
Telephone: 091
Guardia Civil police force
Telephone: 062
Duty Magistrates Courts (24-hours)
Telephone: (93) 567 3140

Over 1.6 million

Catalan is the native language of the Province and 95% of the population understands it while 75% can speak it, however, Castilian Spanish is the national language of the country. Many people do understand English but natives ‘suddenly’ cease to understand English at cash registers at some shops and establishments.

Time zone
GMT + 1
Daylight Savings: GMT + 2 (From last Sunday in March to Saturday before last Sunday in October)

Average January temp:
10°C (50°F).

Average July temp:
25°C (78°F).

Annual rainfall:
590mm (23.2 inches).