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General Information About Barcelona - Spain

Annual Temperature - Barcelona

Annual Temperature

  January High: 13°C (55°F) Low: 4°C (40°F) Mean: 9°C (48°F)   February High: 14°C (57°F) Low: 5°C (41°F) Mean: 9°C (49°F)   March High: 16°C (60°F) Low: 7°C (44°F) Mean: 11°C (52°F)   April High: 17°C (62°F) Low: 8°C (47°F) Mean: 13°C...

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Barcelona History - Barcelona

Barcelona History

The city has a spotted yet deep history dating back to the 4th century BC. With effects being discovered from several ages and empires, the city has been host to the Visigoths, Romans, Muslim conquerors, and the French. The city is a mixed blend of several cultures which highlights its history. The...

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Barcelona Residents - Barcelona

Barcelona Residents

The natives of the city are generally very friendly, calm, and helpful, and are particularly generous with their time. Most Barcelonans prefer maintaining long lasting and enduring relationships instead of gaining more material wealth. Outside of the tourist center of the city, people come and...

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Barcelona today - Barcelona

Barcelona today

 Today, Barcelona is one of the most dynamic cities of the European continent and is one of the most attractive places to visit. The second largest city of Spain, it is a major economic center and is home to one of the continent's principal Mediterranean ports. Barcelona today is an important...

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Exchange Rates - Barcelona

Exchange Rates

The Euro is the standard currency in Spain and is used everywhere.{loadposition currency}    ...

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Fast Facts - Barcelona

Fast Facts

Catalunya (Catalonia), Northeast Spain
  Dialing code
Country: 34
City: 93
  Emergency numbers

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Public Holidays - Barcelona

Public Holidays

January   1st...

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Visa Information - Barcelona

Visa Information

 Visa Application Information Every embassy of the Schengen states has their own visa application model, so be sure to collect the correct visa application from the Spanish Embassy. In addition to the visa application, you may be asked to present other provisional documents...

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