The Seoul Subway is covered by two seperate companies, the Seoul Metro, and the Seoul Metropolitan. One of the fastest subway systems in the world, it is connected with the bus system and is among the most punctual and efficient transit systems around the world. The trains are clean and are color coded, and the 400 or so stops have signs and announcements in English as well. The trains run every five to twelve minutes from 6AM till 11:30PM, and every six minutes during rush hours (7AM till 9AM, and 4PM till 7PM).
The Seoul Metro runs lines 1 to 4, and the Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation runs lines 5 to 8.

There are 30 day Metro passes and rechargeable T-Money Cards available from convenience stores and ticket counters at subway stations, and can be used on all means of  public transport. With current restructuring plans, the T-Money Cards will also be usable in taxis as well.
A 1-day to 3-day Seoul City Pass (From 15,000 won to 35,000 won) is valid for 20 trips a day on buses and the subway, and is also valid for unlimited trips on the Seoul City Tour Bus. It also works as a discount card on tourist attractions.

Seoul Metro
Telephone: (02) 1577 1234

Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation
Telephone: (02) 6311 2200

T-Money Card
Telephone: (02) 735 8688