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Car for hire

Car for hireDriving in Seoul is relative easy; however you will come across several traffic jams that can last for up to an hour, and several drivers who prefer to ignore traffic lights. The roads are well paved, traffic lights functional, and most drivers do comply with the basic traffic laws.

To hire a car in the city, the driver needs to be over 21 years of age, and must have a year's experience along with an international driving license. There are several car hire companies operating in the city, however the largest and most popular is Kumho Rent-A-Car which is affiliated to Hertz.

Kumho Rent-A-Car
Telephone: (02) 1588 3382
Website: http://www.kumhorent.com/

Telephone: (02) 862 2847
Website: http://www.avis.co.kr/

Car for You
Telephone: (02) 532 7333
Website: http://www.carforyou.co.kr/

Telephone: (02) 602 9045
Website: http://www.ksrent.co.kr/

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