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Transportation - Getting Around in Seoul - South Korea

Buses - Seoul


With 10,000 buses going around the city, they are among the least expensive modes of transport in Seoul, and are quite useful for quick routes, however they can be a hassle at rush hours.
The city's buses are classified into four colors; blue, green, red, and yellow, with each color...

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Car for hire - Seoul

Car for hire

Driving in Seoul is relative easy; however you will come across several traffic jams that can last for up to an hour, and several drivers who prefer to ignore traffic lights. The roads are well paved, traffic lights functional, and most drivers do comply with the basic traffic laws.

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Driving Tips - Seoul

Driving Tips

Driving in Seoul is relatively easy as the roads are very good, and the traffic lights work! Some drivers do ignore traffic signs and lights, but most drivers do observe the basic traffic rules. However, come rush hours, and all hell breaks loose! Driving in rush hour is like driving in a mine...

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From the airport - Seoul

From the airport

The airport is located 52 kilometers or 32 miles west of downtown Seoul. Limousine buses travel to different parts of the city at regular intervals, and the Korea City Air Terminal runs every 10 to 15 minutes to the eastern parts of Seoul. Avis and Kumho Rent-A-Car companies also offer car hire...

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Metro - Seoul


The Seoul Subway is covered by two seperate companies, the Seoul Metro, and the Seoul Metropolitan. One of the fastest subway systems in the world, it is connected with the bus system and is among the most punctual and efficient transit systems around the world. The trains are clean and are color...

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Taxi - Seoul


There are four types of taxis operating in Seoul, depending on their use and technology :  Regular taxis, deluxe taxis, high-tech brand taxis, and jumbo taxis.   Regular taxis are good and the drivers speak English quite well.   Deluxe taxis are painted black and yellow and offer...

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