Namdaemun Market

This huge market has its roots in history, dating back to the 15th century. A haven for tourists and locals, this market has on sale in its shops and stalls an amazing variety of goods from ginseng, dried seaweed, clothes shoes, accessories and hiking gear to watches, handicrafts, sunglasses, spectacles and contact lenses. The low prices and variety here are the main attraction for the buyer. At this market you will also find food stalls that sell cheap meals. Though Sunday is the weekly off for the market, plenty of shops along with the stalls do remain open. Children will definitely love to shop at Alpha with its range of toys and stationery each of which occupy two floors. Second hand goods are also available and you can find shops selling second-hand cameras, LPs, CDs and DVDs in Hoehyeon underground arcade.

Tel: (02) 2128 7800
Address: Myeong-Dong 

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