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Shopping in Seoul - South Korea

ABC Mart - Seoul

ABC Mart

One genuine reason for you to say,"My foot!" Shoes galore at this store will have you dazzled by the enormity of the selection displayed. The range and number is enough to make even Imelda Marcos swoon. The shop is spread across a number of floors with thousands of pairs of shoes just...

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Apkujong - Seoul


Apkujong is the fashionista haven of Seoul. Situated in the Kangnam area, it has several upscale department stores and funky boutiques almost everywhere you look. The Singsegae department store here, near the JW Marriot, is very popular. There is an underground mall in B1 of the bus station at the...

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Bandi and Luni's - Seoul

Bandi and Luni's

Buy books from this amazing bookshop which has a collection so large it will take you hours before you feel like leaving. Boasting the best selection of books in English, this shop has seating arrangements for your comfort and you can go through the immense collection leisurely before making up...

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Boon the Shop - Seoul

Boon the Shop

This multi-brand boutique with an ambience of a sleek urban fashionista is a favorite haunt of the Korean celebs. Visit the store and you're sure to come face-to-face with the affluent, the young trend-setters and the sporty type. There is also a good selection of books, magazines and music...

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COEX - Seoul


COEX Mall in the heart of Seoul is where shopping, culture, education and leisure are integrated within one complex. With 85,000 square meters of underground dining, shopping and family entertainment facilities, you will find lots to do to occupy you for hours. This traffic-free and all weather...

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Dongdaemun - Seoul


Possibly one of the best markets in the city to find knockoffs of almost anything found at the department stores or boutiques in the Kangnam area, at a fraction of the price! The Doota B/1 is a great place to find such products. Upstairs is a great place to find accessories and their shoe...

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Dongdaemun Market - Seoul

Dongdaemun Market

Four neighboring high-rise shopping malls are packed with thousands of small shops in this famous huge market. Shops selling fashion garments and textiles abound here. Massage parlors are also hugely popular. The market also houses a 10-screen multiplex cinema. Though many shops close on Sunday,...

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Dynasty Tailor - Seoul

Dynasty Tailor

Reasaonably priced and with a reputation to uphold, Dynasty makes sure they tailor-make your clothes to perfection. Pure wool custom-made suits that cost around 250,000 take about three days to make.
Tel: (02) 3785 3035
 Address: Itaewon

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