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YongsusanGet a taste of Korean tradition in this colorfully decorated restaurant. Mother-of-pearl panels add a statement of style to the interiors. The serving staff too is in traditional Korean attire (hanbok). The comfortable atmosphere and sophisticated interiors makes this restaurant a popular place for foreign VIPs and family gatherings. The meal is served in Gaesung style with elements of royal cuisine. Seasonal variations are there but it is always interesting. From the dragon firepot to the five-grain rice cooked in bamboo and of course the ever tempting omijacha tea, you're sure to be smacking your lips with satisfaction.

Cuisine: Korean Delicacies
Address: Seoul Finance Center B1, 84, 1st Taepyung-no, Chung-gu
Telephone: (02) 771 5503
Website: http://www.yongsusan.co.kr

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