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Restaurants in Seoul - South Korea

Bonjuk - Seoul


This restaurant is one in a chain of economical eating joints. It is a Korean porridge place where an amazing variety of porridge is served. Big bowls of healthy and nutritious rice porridge is cooked upon request with ingredients to your liking-ginseng and chicken, mushroom and oyster, seafood,...

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Familia Buffet - Seoul

Familia Buffet

Situated in the plush Imperial Palace hotel, the Familia restaurant serves a whooping 120 dishes in its buffet. The sophisticated and classy environment of this place is sure to lure you into visiting it often. The squad of people dressed in ninja outfits are actually the cooks who prepare fresh...

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Gio - Seoul


The menu here is sweet and short, literally. Only two dishes are served and that too both are cooked at your table. A bowl of mushrooms and home-made noodles, a dish eaten widely in Seoul, is the first dish. For those who don't like their food too spicy, the red pepper sauce can be removed. The...

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La Plancha - Seoul

La Plancha

Warm cozy atmosphere + fantastic food = a tantalizing experience that will linger on in your memory for days to come. An absolute must for meat lovers, La Plancha serves chicken, pork, lamb, and salmon with vegetables and a sauce.
This place is popular with the expat community. Apart from...

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Min's Club - Seoul

Min's Club

A 1930s hanok (traditional Korean one-storey wooden house with a tiled roof) has been artistically restored into a restaurant that is charming as well as classy. The food offered here is European/Korean fusion. French wines are a specialty of this restaurant.  Popular with diplomats, the food...

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Namu/Liquid Bar  - Seoul

Namu/Liquid Bar

Namu is the place to savor ethnic Asian dishes in a modern reincarnation. Enjoy a contemporary Japanese cuisine in stylish surroundings with the natural rough-hewn timber of the interior adding an interesting touch. A variety of specialties, with a sushi and sashimi bar, a...

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Salam - Seoul


Tucked away next to the mosque, Salam restaurant is Turkish in everything. From the cuisine, the music, the décor, to the scent of Turkish tobacco that wafts up to greet you, this restaurant will make you feel you are in another world. With exotic Turkish cuisine to woo your palate you are...

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Santorini - Seoul


Get a taste of Greece in this truly Greek restaurant with authentic Greek flavors. A winner, no less, this place serves the yummiest baby ribs, moussaka or pork souvlaki which is marinated and cooked on a rotisserie. Most dishes are accompanied by a salad with vinaigrette. Wash down your meal with...

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