What to do with Children in Town

The best place to be if you're a kid is at the palaces as there is just so much to see which is of interest to kids. Whether it's the turtles and gold fishes at the small ponds, or it's a visit to the museums, children will love it all. The Samsung Kids Museum is sure to get the kids excited about the visit to this superb city and the fireworks festivals are sure to light up their day. The Children's Grand Park is a great place for kids as well as they have a zoo, a botanical garden and an amusement park. It's in Gwangjin-gu. The N Seoul Tower is also great for kids as they will surely love the superb view. The best things for kids however are the parks and the space to run around. The toy shops littered around town are a treat for the little ones as well.

More Places-To-Visit in Seoul
Boramae Park
Changdeok-gung Palace
ChangGyeong-gung Palace
Deoksu-gung Palace
Gyeongbok-gung Palace