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Deoksu-gung Palace

Deoksu-gung PalaceIt is located in downtown Seoul cross the street from City Hall. This palace was built in the mid-fifteenth century and the architecture of the insides of the buildings show heavy traces of Western designs. This palace is famous for its elegant stone wall road. The buildings itself are of natural sugi, painted wood and stucco. The east wing was the king's while the queen's quarters were located in the west wing. Today, this is the National Modern Arts Centre. The rear of the building still has secret passageways that led to the Russian emissary.


Admission: Adults (Aged 19 to 64): 1000 won; Groups: 800 won; Children (Aged 7 to 18) and Soldiers: 500 won; Groups: 400 won; Children under 6, Seniors over 64: Free
Opening Hours: Open daily except Mondays. 


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