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Organized Tours in Seoul - South Korea

Bus Tours - Seoul

Bus Tours

Seoul City Tour Bus
Using a 35-seat luxury bus, the tour takes in the city's major sites and attractions.

Telephone: (02) 777 6090
Website: http://www.seoulcitytourbus.com/  ...

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Goodwill Guides - Seoul

Goodwill Guides

Goodwill Guides
Voluntary guide service, in which volunteers show foreigners around the city. Requires advanced booking.
Email: goodwillguide@mail.knto.or.kr  ...

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Metro Tours - Seoul

Metro Tours

Seoul Metro
They have eight tours including 'Museum and Park' and 'Shopping'
Telephone: (02) 1577 1234
Website: http://www.seoulmetro.co.kr/   Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation
They carry six...

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Transit Tours - Seoul

Transit Tours

East-West Travel Service
Transit Tours from city tours to golf, casino, spa and the DMZ. They operate from the airport.
Telephone: (32) 741 3139  ...

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Walking Tours - Seoul

Walking Tours

City Walking Tours
They provide walking tour services as well as self-guided tours.

Telephone: (02) 3707 9453
Website: http://english.visitseoul.net/ Read More


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