Seoul today

With almost 11 million people, Seoul is the largest city of the Republic of Korea and is also the economic, political and cultural hub of the country. Though it had a bit of a reputation for pollution, strict emission laws have brought that into control.  With a superb subway system, residents and tourists can easily traverse the city efficiently and without much hassle.

Seoul is a like a gem in the Republic and is well worth a visit. Divided by the Han River, its vastness can be overwhelming. However, once one gets used to the urban expanse, the city turns out to be a tourist's delight. Named the shopping capital of the world, this city has enough culture too and culture seekers have lots to see and do to keep busy for a few weeks!

The city is split up into 25 districts, which are further divided into 522 sections. The area on the north side of the river has the district of Jongno, which is home to most of the palaces of the city as well as government offices, and is overlooked by the 262-meter peak of the Namsan Mountain. The southern part of the city is more uptown and modern, with a modern urban jungle of steel and glass.
Seoul is a great place for tourists to shop and for some real R&R with its trendy and happening nightclubs and fashionista havens.