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The Parkwood

ImageThe Parkwood has taken the B&B concept to another level.This is a boutique hotel that caters to each individual guest in a unique and deliberate way. Located in Parkwood, an affluent residential area of Johannesburg, this clean, modern, yet warm and inviting hotel offers intimacy not found in chain hotels.

One noticeable feature of the architecture is the  extensive use of rough stone.The accommodation consists of eleven spacious and luxuriously decorated double rooms en suite offering all amenities for a pampered stay . Interiors are sleek and glamorous with fabrics in warm earth colors. Contemporary chic combined with classic comfort  gives the overall effect  of tranquility and coziness. All rooms are non-smoking. Some of the facilities in the hotel  include free wi-fi , complimentary breakfast, Jacuzzi baths, separate showers, rectangular lap pool and a library. Airport transfers and private tours can be arranged. Private dinner parties can also be arranged given sufficient notice.

72 Worcester Road
Northwestern Suburbs (Melville)
Tel : 011/880-1748
Website : www.theparkwood.com



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