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Festivals in Johannesburg - South Africa

Arts Alive - Johannesburg

Arts Alive

Arts Alive is an annual event that extends throughout the month and is composed of musical, visual, theatrical, and performing arts. It also caters to creative industries and conferences. It is held from the 1st of September straight till the 30th at various venues throughout the city. Website:...

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Decorex - Johannesburg


The Decorex exhibition is an annual exhibition of home decor and design highlighting contemporary and traditional furnishings and home design styles of the new year. It is held in the Gallagher Estate, Midrand, every year in the second week of the month and runs for 5 days.

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FNB Dance Umbrella - Johannesburg

FNB Dance Umbrella

The Dance Forum was created in 2003 to promote contemporary dance and to provide platforms for contemporary dance performances. The FNB Dance Umbrella has been presenting performances for the last 20 years and is one of the premier events of the city that promotes youth groups and up and coming...

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Joy of Jazz - Johannesburg

Joy of Jazz

An exhibition specially designed for jazz lovers! It is a multi faceted event celebrating South Africa's jazz musicians who are an integral part of the country's art and cultural heritage. It is held in the 3rd week of August every year in Newton.
Website: http://www.joyofjazz.co.za   ...

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Rand Easter Show - Johannesburg

Rand Easter Show

The Rand Show is an annual consumer exhibition and entertainment forum that displays everything from furniture and home ware to sportswear to specialty and hobby related items. It is a huge exhibition attracting over 500,000 people every year with music concerts, stage acts and amusement park...

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The Getaway Show - Johannesburg

The Getaway Show

An annual exhibition promoting travel and tourism as well as outdoor products which is a relatively interesting visit for tourists as it comes packed with activities such as The Drop Tower ride and the Cave of Horros. It is held in the last week of August every year, at The Coca Cola Dome in...

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