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General Information About Johannesburg - South Africa

Annual Temperature - Johannesburg

Annual Temperature

Annual Temperature
o    January High: 25°C (77°F)
Low: 16°C (61°F)
Average: 21°C (70°F)

o    February

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Exchange Rates - Johannesburg

Exchange Rates

The currency used in Cape Town is the South African Rand

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Fast Facts - Johannesburg

Fast Facts

.    Location
Gauteng, South Africa
·    Dialing code
South Africa: +27   
Johannesburg: 11
All local numbers dialed from within the city should be preceded with the area code.
·    Emergency...

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Johannesburg History - Johannesburg

Johannesburg History

In the early 19th century, Johannesburg was just a minor settlement developed around several gold mines spread over the area. The city was consistently the site of civil wars, specially during the apartheid.
It is littered with scars and landmarks highlighting its past in the form of...

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Johannesburg Today - Johannesburg

Johannesburg Today

Johannesburg or Jo' burg as referred to by some residents of the city is a modern day metropolis sprawling over an area of 1600 square kilometers. With roots as being a small gold rush settlement, it has grown into the largest city of sub-Saharan Africa and the economic powerhouse of the country....

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Public Holidays - Johannesburg

Public Holidays

The currency used in Cape Town is the South African Rand
01                     January            ...

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Residents & Culture - Johannesburg

Residents & Culture

The city is home to a mix of people ranging from Asians to black and white Africans, hence, the culture too is a hodgepodge of several cultures. Black residents however outnumber white and Asian residents considerably. Crime rate in the city is very high.
South African men are prone to...

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Visa Information - Johannesburg

Visa Information

According to South African visa policies, nationals of select countries are exempt from a formal visa requirement and travelers can enter the country without one. However, UAE nationals are required to obtain a visa before entering the country and visas are required to enter the country for...

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