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ImageTaxis can hardly be seen on the roads of Cape Town as most of Cape Town’s residents do not use cabs as their prefered mode of transportation. Call one of the reliable taxi operators listed below and book a cab in advance. Alternatively, consult the management at the hotel at which you are staying. Rates vary depending on the time of the day [rates are significantly higher during rush hour and late at night] and the distance travelled. They generally cost between R 9-11 for each kilometer travelled.  

Contact one of the following reliable taxi operators:
·    Unicab
    Tel: 021-447-4402

·    Belville Taxis
    Tel: 021-949-6918

·    Backpacker Bus
    Tel: 021-447-4991

·    Sea point Taxis
    Tel: 021-434-4444

·    Marine Taxis
    Tel: 021-434-0434

Rikkis are more visible on the roads of Cape Town. This 3 wheel vehicle takes much longer since passengers are picked up and dropped off on the way. Whilst this mode of transportation is probably the cheapest [between R 10-20] it is extremely inconvenient.

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