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Rent a Car

ImageRenting a car will probably be the best thing to do to get around Cape Town. Cars are the most reliable mode of transportation as much of the public transportation winds up in the evening. Moreover, it is the quickest mode of transportation.  

Price: R 200- R 300 a day [for 200-300 km travelled and depending on whether the car is air conditioned or not]

·    Imperial Car Rental
    Tel: 086-113-1000
    Website: www.imperialcarrental.co.za

·    Avis
    Tel: 0861-113-748
    Website: www.avis.co.za

·    Budget
    Tel: 0861-016-622
    Website: www.budget.co.za

·    Aroundabout Cars
    Tel: 021-422-4022
    Website: www.aroundaboutcars.com

·    Value Car Hire
    Tel: 0800-040-7557
    Website: www.valuecarhire.co.za

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