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From the airport

ImageFrom Cape Town International Airport:

Visitors can take a cab to city centre. Taxis should only be taken from the taxi station at the airport outside the terminal. These taxis are metered. Agree on the rate that will be charged before getting into the taxi. Rates vary from one company to the other; generally a ride into city centre costs about R 250.

Alternatively, visitors can take one of the shuttles operated by private companies from the airport. A single passenger will have to pay more [between R 110- 200] than if he/she chooses to share the shuttle with others [R 150-210 for four passengers].  Charges go up drastically for service after 10 P.M

·    Shawn Shuttle Service
    Tel: 082-954-4467

·    Magic Bus
    Tel: 021-505-6300
    Website: www.magicbus.co.za

·    Cape Town Sprinter
    Tel: 021-982-5815

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