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Muslim Information in Cape Town - South Africa

Ashton Islamic Centre - Cape Town

Ashton Islamic Centre

Address: Uitspan & Voortrekker Roads, Ashton

Tel: 072-779-4792

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Masjid al Jamia - Cape Town

Masjid al Jamia

Address: Stegman Road, Claremont  ...

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Masjid al Waqaf - Cape Town

Masjid al Waqaf

Address: 201 Pniel Road, Kimberley  

Tel: 021-874-1330

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Masjid Ghiedmatul Islam - Cape Town

Masjid Ghiedmatul Islam

Address: Taronga Road, Crawford

Tel: 021-697-5302

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Masjid us Salaam - Cape Town

Masjid us Salaam

Address: St. Athens Road, Thornton, Athlone ...

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