Singapore has an excellent availability of metered taxis which are easily available at the taxi stands or they can easily be accessed outside any hotel or prime shopping center. The accessibility to this category of transport alleviates steeply during heavy rainfall, or during late hours of the night.

Approximately 15,000 air-conditioned cabs which are currently operating in the territory of Singapore offer stress-free transport at very reasonable rates. They are easily accessible outside the premises of any shopping mall or hotel. The first and second terminal of the Changi Airport has a taxi stand for the convenience of  the visitors.

Authorized Taxi Rates includes the following:

Up to 1 kilometer
Standard Taxi: SGD 2.80
Limousine: SGD 3.20

Up to 385 meters but less than 10 kilometer
Standard Taxi: SGD 0.20
Limousine: SGD 0.20

For every waiting period of 45 seconds or less
Standard Taxi: SGD 0.20
Limousine: SGD 0.20

To book a taxi, you can call the following numbers:

Premier taxi: 65 63636888
Comfort premier cabs: 65 6552 2828
SMRT premier cabs: 65 65558888
Comfort cabs: 65 6552 1111
Trans Cab: 65 6555 3333

Inform the operator where you are and note down the taxi number given. When the taxi arrives, confirm with the taxi driver on the booking and destination. Please note that a booking surcharge is applicable.

Please also note that for the comfort of all commuters, smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed on buses, trains and taxis as well as at bus interchanges and MRT stations.