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Transportation - Getting Around in Singapore - Singapore

Buses - Singapore


The bus network in Singapore is quite elaborate with recurrent services and timing. The fare is quite economical and easy on the pocket. Two main public transport entities operate within the city namely SBS Transit and SMRT Corporation with more than 300 bus routes across the city. The adult fare...

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Car for hire - Singapore

Car for hire

All prominent car hiring companies have their franchise operating in Singapore. The charges on daily basis can be substantially high but weekly rates are quite reasonable.

Singapore is a country whose idyllic blend of past and...

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Cycle Taxi - Singapore

Cycle Taxi

Rickshaws unquestionably in limited quantity are still found in some specific areas of Singapore which include China Town. These agree on a reasonable tariff without much argument....

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Driving Tips - Singapore

Driving Tips

If you have been residing in Singapore for the last six months and possess an international driving license you are legitimately eligible to drive in the country with full liberty. You must make sure that you are familiar with the fundamental rules of driving as they may not be identical to what...

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Ferry - Singapore


Ferry service operates from the World Trade Center to the Sentosa Islands integrating Batam in the territory of Indonesia. This facility provides you the opportunity to surf around the beautiful Malaysian Resort, the east coast of Malaysia, island of Tioman and Tanjong Belungkor leading to...

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From the airport - Singapore

From the airport

The Changi International Airport located 20 km (13 miles) northeast of the city of Singapore is regarded as one of the best airports of the world and has been designed according to contemporary requirements and offers exclusive accessibility to a booty of airlines. The traffic density at the...

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Metro - Singapore


Singapore has a highly expedient and well-designed system of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT).  In order to avail this remarkable means of transportation you do not need to be highly affluent nor will it strain your nerves. Known as Sistem Penangkutan Gerak Cepat in Malay MRT constitutes a prime mode...

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Taxi - Singapore


Singapore has an excellent availability of metered taxis which are easily available at the taxi stands or they can easily be accessed outside any hotel or prime shopping center. The accessibility to this category of transport alleviates steeply during heavy rainfall, or during late hours of the...

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