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Shopping in Singapore - Singapore

Arab Street - Singapore

Arab Street

As the name suggests the place is the nucleus of Muslim population. As Sultan Mosque, the most prominent mosque in the city is near this street, you'll find shop houses selling hand made editions of the Holy Quran, prayer mats, and accessories for pilgrimage. Also you...

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Bugis St Market - Singapore

Bugis St Market

One of the largest street markets present in Singapore offering clothes, shoes and other accessories at extremely economical prices.
Victoria St, Arab Quarter, Singapore
Means of Transport: Underground rail...

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Bugis Street - Singapore

Bugis Street

Bugis Street has emerged as one of the most vibrant areas of Singapore following the environmental conservation policies which engulfed Singapore during the 1980's. As a result of this the place is a major attraction for tourists in particular who are simply intrigued by the supreme and deluxe...

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Center point - Singapore

Center point

This shopping mall has been one of the most favorite shopping places for people of Singapore as well as for the tourists coming here. The mall is popular because it specializes in providing various items ranging from jewelry to electronic products to book stores. The mall is jam packed especially...

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Cho Lon - Singapore

Cho Lon

Cho Lon is an exceptionally captivating gallery also known as Singapore's stylish lifestyle concept shop featuring miscellaneous collections. From peculiar mementos of Mao and Ho Chi Minh to the unconventionally designed Indian Cushions and accessories, the place has everything on offer for...

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Edge - Singapore


At Edge it is a terrible mistake to show any kind of procrastination if you are willing to buy any product whether it is any electronic good or a simple T-shirt. The reasonable prices of products here do not offer any second opportunity to anyone.
 200 Victoria St, 03, Parco Bugis...

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Far East Plaza - Singapore

Far East Plaza

The Far East plaza is an ultimate shopping place for Singaporeans and immigrants alike. This can be justified by the diverse products it offers ranging from elite shoes and garments to valuable stones and gems to leisure providing CD's, a lot of which are available on the first floor of the...

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Forum - Singapore


The Forum is overwhelmingly a brand oriented shopping mall suitable for highly brand conscious people if they have sufficient balance in their wallet and credit cards to squander. Apart from this some major book stores like Twinkle Thinkers is a suitable place where you can...

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