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Restaurants in Singapore - Singapore

Aoki - Singapore


If you are looking to experience some of the best Japanese cuisine then Aoki is your dream destination. The restaurant offers some of the most mouth watering Japanese dishes in elegant surroundings. These include the famous shabu shabu, sukiyaki which is basically grilled beef with vegetables and...

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Banana Leaf Apolo - Singapore

Banana Leaf Apolo

The restaurant is particularly famous for the delicious sea food it has to offer. All dishes are provided at extremely reasonable rates. Extremely spicy food is served here which will make your eyes water. The spice of two bananas with hot rice and vegetables can be alleviated with the help of...

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Blood Café - Singapore

Blood Café

This unique restaurant pioneered by the Blood brothers is a one of its kind restaurant. According to an emigrant magazine, the Blood Caesar salad has been regarded as the best salad in the entire country. Other specialties of the restaurant include laksa pesto, sambal and...

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Brazil Churasscaria - Singapore

Brazil Churasscaria

The restaurant offers a diverse range of BBQ items and their associated mouth watering cuisines. Delicious treats are prepared from various meats; beef, lamb and pork. The hotel has a separate salad bar for vegetarians where they can easily find something to satiate their appetites. Read More

Bumbu - Singapore


Some of the most prominent cuisines which the restaurant offers include coffee chicken and curried sea food in hollow coconut and soft shell crab. Along with this some of the salads are also immensely delicious and eye-watering spicy. The dishes are supplied in small...

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Chilli Padi - Singapore

Chilli Padi

The restaurant as the name suggests, offers immensely hot and spicy food which is sure to please those who have an affinity for spices. Most of the cuisines are prepared incorporating natural herbs and chilli pastes which include Kepetin Bak wan, assan fish head and udang mesak nanas. For desserts...

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Crossroads  Café  - Singapore

Crossroads Café

Crossroads café provides an idyllic combination of all categories of cuisines whether it be western or traditional. Breakfast which is prepared according to western design is served till 1pm and along with this a diverse variety of salads, sandwiches, burgers and other fast food items are also...

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Equinox - Singapore


This 70th floor restaurant provides you a crystal clear view of Indonesia and Malaysia. The atmosphere of the restaurant is extremely tranquil and dissonance free, providing a purely sophisticated environment to the visitors. The opening cuisine for the evening should be Iranian cavier tuna and...

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