The population of Singapore is pre-dominantly multi ethnic constituting people from Indian, Malay and Chinese origins which collectively play an important role in framing the authentic picture of the culture of Singapore. Another very astounding fact about Singapore is the exceptionally high rate of literacy in the country. People acquire the best education from the most esteemed institutions of the country which plays an instrumental role in molding their personalities in the most superior way. This superiority is reflected in their cool attitudes and behavior. Above all Singaporeans are well-versed in English as it is taught from primary level due to its increasing significance as a global language.  

51% of resident Singaporeans practice Buddhism and Taoism. There is a sizable population of Muslims, Christians and Hindus as well.

The people of Singapore are exceptionally sincere, regimented, hard working and adaptable. Security is never an issue and even if you are roaming alone at night you are guaranteed complete security of your life as well as your belongings. The presence of confidential cameras along with the ever ready police department who are fully equipped to counter any kind of mishap within no time makes this an extremely safe place to be in. Harsh  penalties for even minor crimes such as drinking while driving, spitting on the road, chewing gum on the MRT  or any other minor illicit activity, is seen as a deterrent.

The standard of living of people in Singapore is a pure reflection of an opulent life style. Most residential projects have been designed to represent a contemporary lifestyle along with a conventional tinge. Due to sound and effective economic strategies the salaries of Singaporean people are high enough to meet the augmenting standards which are vividly manifested in their standard of living. Singaporeans are also extremely fun loving and enjoy time out with family and friends at restaurants and bars.