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Riyadh Zoo

altThe park is located in the Malaz area, east of Al-Ahsa Street and North Street Musab bin Amir. The  zoo is home to over 1,400 animals of 40 different species of animals and birds including reptiles, crocodiles, rhinoceros, snakes, gazelle, leopards, monkeys, lions, hyenas, vultures, kangaroos, seals and camels.
Timings are 8:30 am – 12:00 PM and then 1:00 PM to Magrib Prayer (Sunset)
Men are allowed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Women are allowed on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Tickets are priced at SR 10.00 for adults, SR 5.00 for children and SR 2.00 for school trips.

Riyadh Zoo
Riyadh (Malaz - Ihssa Street)
P.O Box: 27055
Postal Code: 11417
Phone: +966 1 4779523
Fax: +966 1 4793968


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