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National Museum

altOpened in 1999, this museum is undoubtedly one of the top sites in Riyadh. The museum is infused with the latest technology and is very accessible to visitors, with almost everything available in English. There are a vast number of video presentations and mini-theatres for the dedicated museum enthusiast to spend an entire day doing virtual tours of Madain Salih or watching re-enactments of the Prophet Mohammed's battle of Medina. The Kiswah cloth that once covered the Ka’aba in Makkah is a main attraction. Note: Many cabbies will not recognize the English name, ask for the neighboring Murabba Palace (Qasr al-Murabba) instead.
Ticket price: SR15.
Open Su-Mo,We-Th 9-noon for men, 4:30-9 PM families; Tu 9-noon women only, 4:30-9 PM men; Fr 4:30-9 PM families; Saturday closed.


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