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General Information About Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Annual Temperature - Riyadh

Annual Temperature

a- January
Max: 20.2
Min: 9

b- February
Max: 23
Min: 11

c- March
Max: 27.3
Min: 15

d- April
Max: 33.3
Min: 20.3
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Exchange Rates - Riyadh

Exchange Rates

Currency in Saudi Arabia: Saudi riyal (SAR) {loadposition currency} ...

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Fast Facts - Riyadh

Fast Facts

-Location: Middle East
-Dialing code: +966
-Emergency numbers:        -International Operator: 901
      - Emergency: 993
      - Ambulance: 997 Read More

Public Holidays - Riyadh

Public Holidays

Saudi National Day; 23rd of September and All Muslim Religious Occasions ...

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Riyadh History - Riyadh

Riyadh History

An inconsequential oasis town of under 10,000 people only a century ago, Riyadh (more specifically, the neighboring town of Diriyah) is the ancestral home of the al-Sauds, The Saudi Royal Family. Driven out by the Rashids clan in 1891, King Abdulaziz bin Saud famously raided and recaptured the city...

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Riyadh Residents - Riyadh

Riyadh Residents

The residents are a very private people, but do not mistake their aloofness for coolness-at heart they are very warm and hospitable.  Be sure to respect their cultural customs and be prepared for a diversity of views and lifestyles.  ...

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Riyadh Today - Riyadh

Riyadh Today

Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia and is the country's largest metropolis. It is the traditional homeland of the ruling Saud family. Riyadh is an increasingly modern city with many roads and modern transportation networks. At the seat of governance, there are numerous scenic monuments and...

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Visa Information - Riyadh

Visa Information

While planning your trip to Riyadh, make sure to fulfill all formalities and visa requirements. Your passport should be valid for at least six months and you must have all the proper documents in order to be allowed entry into Saudi Arabia.  ...

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