From the airport

Makkah does not have an airport. Land at the King Abdul Aziz Airport, Jeddah and either take a taxi or use the bus service.

SAPTCO (Jeddah)
(02) 6481217
(02) 6481419

Taxi or private car is the fastest way into Makkah. With only 75 km of multi-lane highway separating you, the drive is smooth at over 140 miles an hour and gets you to Makkah in about an hour and a half.

During Hajj season, your tour operator will have transportation sorted out and a designated bus will pick you from the airport and drive to your “Maktab” in Makkah, making one stop at the registration centre where refreshments courtesy of the Saudi Government will be given (small lunch boxes with biscuits, juices and Zam Zam water).