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Transportation - Getting Around in Makkah - Saudi Arabia

Bus - Makkah


The Saudi Arabia Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) runs a bus service along specific routes in Mecca. Primarily this route is from Masjid Al Haram (Ka'aba) to Masjid-e-Aisha and back. During the Hajj season, another route, i.e. from Masjid Al Haram to Jamarat and Masjid Al Haram to Mina / Muzdalifa...

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Car for hire - Makkah

Car for hire

You can hire a private vehicle – car or van – on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and with or with a driver. Fuel is extremely cheap, around SAR 0.46 per litre of petrol (Water costs SAR 1 minimum). Rentals start at SAR 50 per day. ...

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Driving Tips - Makkah

Driving Tips

Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Even if you have won the desert rally or the F1 championships, it is illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia.

The roads are generally good, with the left hand drive, right side of the road driving system. Much of the city is built for...

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From the airport - Makkah

From the airport

Makkah does not have an airport. Land at the King Abdul Aziz Airport, Jeddah and either take a taxi or use the bus service.

SAPTCO (Jeddah)
(02) 6481217
(02) 6481419

Taxi or private car is the fastest way into Makkah. With only 75 km of multi-lane highway...

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Private Cabs - Makkah

Private Cabs

During the Hajj season, many car owners provide services as cab drivers. These are shared cabs charging single person fare from a group of people. These vehicles range from the GMC SUVs to mini coasters / vans and saloon cars and are quite inexpensive. Bewarned, they wont budge till all the space...

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Taxi - Makkah


Taxi is the most common and easiest way to getting around Makkah, stick your hand out and you will most probably have cars starting to queue up. Available in vast abundance, the standard meter starts at SAR 5 and runs at every 1.6 Km. However, almost always you would have to haggle the complete...

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