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Festivals in Makkah - Saudi Arabia

Eid-Milad-un-Nabi - Makkah


Celebrating the birth of the Prophet Muhammad...

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Eid-ul-Adha - Makkah


To commemorate the sacrifice of Abraham when he agreed to slaughter his son Ishmael when asked by God. Muslims offer the sacrifice of a goat, cow or camel in solidarity. Those who are present for the pilgrimage are exempt. ...

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Eid-ul-Fitr - Makkah


Celebrated after the month of Ramadan ends when the new moon of the next month is sighted. This is a two to three day festival celebrated by spreading sweets and meeting loved ones. Based on lunar calendar. ...

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Hajj - Makkah


The Muslim pilgrimage to the house of God, Ka'aba. Muslims from all over the world gather in Mecca for the pilgrimage. Varies as per the lunar cycles. ...

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Jinadriyah - Makkah


Celebrating the Arabic culture. Two weeks of sports like . The fact that it is inaugurated by the Crown Prince gives an idea of its significance. ...

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Ramadan - Makkah


The holy month of Ramadan is when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. This is also a popular time for Muslims from the world over to come for Umra. Dates are subject to sighting of the moon. ...

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Unification of the Kingdom - Makkah

Unification of the Kingdom

Not entirely a festival. Treated more so as an unofficial Holiday. ...

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