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General Information About Makkah - Saudi Arabia

Annual Temperature - Makkah

Annual Temperature

..........a- January

Max: 30.2 °C
Min: 16 °C

..........b- February

Max: 31.9 °C
Min: 17 °C

..........c- March

Max: 34 °C
Min: 21 °C

..........d- April


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Fast Facts - Makkah

Fast Facts

-Location: Middle East
    -Dialling code: +966
    -Emergency numbers:

Police: 999
Fire: 998
Ambulance: 997
Airport Enquiry: 02 6855466

-Population: 1.4 million – this figure swells to over 5 million during the...

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Makkah History - Makkah

Makkah History

The history of Makkah dates all the way to the time of Prophet Abraham, when he left the suckling Ishmael along with his mother, Hajra  under a tree on the hillock. Years later, Abraham returned and, on God’s orders, built the Ka'aba. The city steadily grew into an important trading city in...

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Makkah Residents - Makkah

Makkah Residents

The people are a mix of Arabs and South Asians. People from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines can be found in great abundance. The most common nationality you probably will be in everyday contact with will be the Bengalis and then the Arabs. Arabs hold on to key...

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Makkah today - Makkah

Makkah today

One of the oldest cities in the region and home to the most holy of all Muslim sites (Christian and Jewish too for some), Makkah receives over 3.5 million people alone during the Hajj season, and well over 15 million people throughout the year. This clearly keeps up with English definition for...

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Saudi Arabia's currency - Makkah

Saudi Arabia's currency

Saudi Riyal (SAR.) and Halalas (Hls.), with 100 Halalas equalling a Riyal ...

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Visa Information - Makkah

Visa Information

Visa for Makkah is issued to Muslims only. The most common visa is the Hajj, or pilgrimage visa which is issued for a 40 day period . Business, Work and Residency Visas require a local sponsor cleared from the Saudi Chamber of Commerce.
Visas are usually city restrictive. A Hajj or Umra Visa...

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When to go - Makkah

When to go

If going for Hajj pilgrimage, check the Lunar calendar. For Umra, the best times are during the holy month of Ramadan and during the winter. During Ramadan there are huge crowds, particularly during the last ten days of Ramadan but the atmosphere is overwhelming....

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