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From the Airport

altPrince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport is 8km away from the major urban centre in Madinah, and mostly handles domestic flights as well as a few international flights to Istanbul, Cairo and Damascus. The average taxi fare from the airport to the city centre is SAR 30-35 which can only be paid in cash. The airport is accessible to non-Muslims too. Some hotels also offer shuttle service from the airport to the hotel premises. Please not that there are no private or public buses available from the Prince Mohammed Airport.

Budget Rent A Car - Madina Airport
Saudi Arabia
+966 (4) 842-7707

Tip: You should get to know your drivers a little before getting in the taxi because there have been reports of drivers stopping in the middle for a smoke while trying to negotiate higher fares. There is no other form of transportation to town except for walking.

More Transportation - Getting Around in Madinah - Saudi Arabia


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