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Transportation - Getting Around in Madinah - Saudi Arabia

Buses - Madinah


SAPTCO i.e. the Saudi Arabian Public Transort Company runs luxurious buses that provide excellent air-conditioning, baggage-space, water bottles and sometimes snacks too. These buses run several times a day from almost all parts of Saudi Arabia at very affordable rates. You can find SAPTCO bus...

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Car for Hire - Madinah

Car for Hire

In Madinah, there are numerous car rental options because the city is usually packed to capacity with visitors during the holy months. In order to cater to such a huge demand in certain periods, several car rental companies have opened up full time businesses. Some hiring agencies have their own...

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Driving Tips - Madinah

Driving Tips

•    Keep your cars on the right side of the road since the steering wheel is also situated on the right hand side.
•    You can drive with an International Drivers License for three months after you arrive. However, after that you should get a Saudi driver's license (given that...

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From the Airport - Madinah

From the Airport

Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport is 8km away from the major urban centre in Madinah, and mostly handles domestic flights as well as a few international flights to Istanbul, Cairo and Damascus. The average taxi fare from the airport to the city centre is SAR 30-35 which can only be paid in...

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Taxi - Madinah


Taxis are the most common form of in-town transportation and are used in most major cities of Saudi Arabia including Madinah. Taxis can be hailed from anywhere inside the city and can even be hired in advance from taxi drivers standing on the roadside. The rates offered have considerable room for...

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