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Shopping in Madinah - Saudi Arabia

Madinah Dates Company/Dates Market - Madinah

Madinah Dates Company/Dates Market

Madinah is known for being one of the biggest producers of high quality dates; you are likely to find all kinds of shops in the Dates Market selling distinct variety of delicious dates suiting to all kinds of tastes. There is a factory outlet of Madinah Dates Company where you will find a more...

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Souvenir Shopping - Madinah

Souvenir Shopping

Some of the most popular souvenir items of Madinah include their high quality prayer mats for worshippers and their exotic non-alcoholic perfumes (called Iturs), which visitors from abroad are known to buy in bulk to take back home. Other souvenirs include magnets pointing towards the Ka’abah,...

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Street vendors - Madinah

Street vendors

Street vendors are also a part of the city’s attraction, famously known to be selling every kind of product. They offer both affordable and high quality goods. These inexpensive shops are easily distinguishable from the more expensive alternatives, since they sport giant signboards claiming ...

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