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Jeddah - Saudi Arabia
Jeddah Today
Jeddah, the second largest city of the Kingdom after Riyadh, has long been established as the trading hub of Saudi Arabia and has earned itself the title of being the commercial capital of the country. It is also the main gate through which the ...
Jeddah History
Jeddah’s literal meaning “grandmother” refers to the grandmother of mankind Eve and tradition says that she was buried in Jeddah. This itself tells that this city has been there ever since the presence of mankind. Old Al-Balad city is the ...

Sail Island
To escape the heat of the city this Sail Island in the Red sea area is the best retreat for the...

The Red sea Corniche offers a spectacular view of the sea, lined with the shopping street you can...

•    Sail Island. A retreat from the blazing sun is the sail island in Jeddah. It...

King Abdullaziz Mosque and setting area
The King Abdul Aziz Mosque is perhaps one of the oldest mosques in Jeddah, with a minaret that was...

Jeddah - Saudi Arabia City Guide & Travel Information


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