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Shopping in Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

Aziz Mall - Jeddah

Aziz Mall

One of the leading destination for international class shopping, Aziz Mall, offers a selection of international and local brands across all categories and price points.
Aziz Mall
Address: Prince Majid Road, Faisaliyah
P.O. Box 100604
Jeddah 21311
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Coral Mall - Jeddah

Coral Mall

A newly constructed modern shopping home, the two level shopping center by Midad Group containing with 50 fashion shops (Armani, Calvin Klein, Miss Sixty) and cafes (Second Cup) is a feast for shoppers.
Coral Mall
P.O.Box: 6782
Jeddah 21452

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Gabel Street - Jeddah

Gabel Street

If you are looking for local and cheap items Gabel Street is your destination to go. Situiated at the Al Balad town, it is not only an ttraction for the visitors but also a favorite for the locals. You can find soviniours along with household items, electronic purchases, spices and perfumes in this...

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Mall of Arabia - Jeddah

Mall of Arabia

 This three storied mall with a three thousand car parking facility hosts more than 300 shops including Geant hypermart, Snow Village and eateries like Chilli’s and Fuddruckers. It claims to be the biggest shopping mall in Saudi Arabia and is a must see for tourist.

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Red Sea Mall - Jeddah

Red Sea Mall

Anchored by the Danube chain store, this tri storied mall is a welcome additional to the series of malls in Jeddah. It has trams to facilitate customers around the mall, impressive fountains, food court and kids area long with a parking space of 4000 cars.


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Serafi  MegaMall - Jeddah

Serafi MegaMall

Located in the prime area, at the intersection of Tahliah Street and Siteen Street Serafi Mega mall has something for every age. Besides the numerous retail outlets it also has a family entertainment hall “Moon Toon” on the 2nd and 3rd level that contains variety of games like 3D theater, video...

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Tahlia Center - Jeddah

Tahlia Center

Situated at the Al Tahlia Street, the Tahlia center is one of the posh shopping arcade where malls and plazas are bunched in form of a shoppers paradise. Trademark items here are ladies wear and accessories of brands all over the world. Besides the international and national retail outlets you will...

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