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Places To Visit in Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

Abdulraouf Khalil Museum - Jeddah

Abdulraouf Khalil Museum

A mosque, a citadel and respective houses of Saudi Arabian, Islamic, International and Public Heritage make up the Abdulraof Khalil Museum. There are  a total of 19 units and houses and 15 fountains all around the vicinity, making it an interesting area to walk around in. Address...

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Al-Balad (Old Town) - Jeddah

Al-Balad (Old Town)

The top sight of the city, Old Al-Balad city is the reflection of historic Jeddah. Although the wall has been torn down years ago, it represents the way of living of old arabs in its buildings and the tile and woodwork done in them, if you are interested in old architecture and workmanship on wood...

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Al-Taybat City Museum - Jeddah

Al-Taybat City Museum

The al-Taybat City Museum for International Civilization is a grand palace containing 300 rooms filled with items collected by a globetrotting local merchant. The collection ranges from gold, manuscripts, furniture, pottery, Islamic manuscripts and more. Groups of less than10 people cannot enter...

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Corniche - Jeddah


The Red sea Corniche offers a spectacular view of the sea, lined with the shopping street you can get good bargain of gold at the Gold souk, in the Tahliya. You can also witness the breathtaking King Fahd Fountain which throws colored water up in the air. It is recommended to see this at night as...

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Home Arts Museum - Jeddah

Home Arts Museum

The museum was opened in 1997 and  has a large number of colourful art pieces, paintings and artifacts on display, some of which date back 70 years.

Address :
The end of Palestine Street in the direction of the sea directly to the gate of No. (11) of the Center...

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Jeddah Al Khozam Museum   - Jeddah

Jeddah Al Khozam Museum

The Khuzam Palace belonged to King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al-Saud and was converted into a museum in 1995. It contains six separate exhibits ranging from the pre-Islamic period to modern day Jeddah.

1. Hall of pre-Islam: It starts from the stone age until the...

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King Abdullaziz Mosque and setting area - Jeddah

King Abdullaziz Mosque and setting area

The King Abdul Aziz Mosque is perhaps one of the oldest mosques in Jeddah, with a minaret that was built in 7 AH. The open central area is built in a way to allow open-air ventilation. The mosque has been renovated several times.

Address : Al-Nada Market in Al-Hanafi...

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Marine Science College Museum - Jeddah

Marine Science College Museum

The Marine Museum has a collection of live and fossilized fish on display. The Museum is convieniently located  next to the Red Sea, so that college students and the like can use their boats fully equipped for travel, studies and research. Address : North Ubhor
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